Ashburn, Virginia Solar Power Case Study

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Nova Solar Residential Solar Panels

Solar Installation Overview

Nova Solar installed this 46-panel, 3-array solar system in Loudoun County in September 2019. The system uses triple black 310W panels and microinverters. The homeowner is projected to save around $66,000 dollars over the life of the system.

By The Numbers

Each solar installation is different and a variety of factors such as location, amount of sun and more can affect how productive a system can be. Because of this, we decided to give a detailed breakdown on an installation from a real Nova Solar customer. Below you will see information related to cost, power generation, tax credits and much, much more. If you have questions on how you could benefit from a solar system, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to get a free quote.

Engineer'S Hand On Solar Panel

System Installation Stats

0 kW


0 %

Solar Offset


Days to Install

Solar System Cost

$ 0

Gross Cost of System

$ 0

Value of Federal Tax Credit

$ 0

Net Cost of System

Solar Panels On Roof With Blue Sky
Worker Installing Solar Panels

Solar System Savings Over Time

$ 0

30-Year Utility Price

$ 0

30 Year Solar Price

$ 0

Total Savings

0 %

Savings Percentage

0 %

Return on Investment

0 %

Breakeven (Years)

A Great First Month

Before the installation of the solar system by Nova Solar, this homeowner was paying on average $303 per month in utilities. Our most popular loan option is a 25-year loan at 2.41%. A loan at this rate would have a minimum payment of only $157.31. This homeowner opted for a shorter term loan to get paid off in 10 years. So, their payments are around $350 a month. We have many options for financing available, and they all feel better than sending your money to a power company.

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