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Our mission at Nova Solar is to create sustainable, and cost effective energy solutions to help minimize financial, and environmental burdens on our communities.

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Using TC-ER Cable for Inverter Output Circuits

Can TC-ER cable be used for an inverter output circuit? Type TC-ER tray cable is a cable that has been predominantly used for industrial purposes due to its impact and crush resistance, cost-effectiveness and the fact that most products are sunlight resistant and direct burial rated.

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Go Green

ABC News did a report about going green. It features a house with solar system installed by Nova Solar in Oakton. The system installed can gather up to 30Kwh our power each day.

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The Best Solar Companies in Virginia 2023

Choosing the right solar installation company is probably the most important decision in your solar panel investment. Find out why Nova Solar is best for your solar investment in this article written by Solar Metric

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Benefits Of RT-REB For Efficient Wire Management​

In 2019, Barklie connected with Roof Tech to explore non-metal flashing panel attachments, leading them to adopt the RT-MINI for their residential projects. Soon after, they came across the RT-REB, Roof Entry Bracket, which proved to be an excellent solution for managing residential wiring securely.

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REC’s Support Of Solar Power Shines Bright

In December 2021, REC wrote this article about a solar installation made by a crew from Nova Solar Inc. This project is a ground-mounted, 45-panel on a portion of a clients property.

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Nova Solar On ABC 7

In an era characterized by escalating environmental concerns, climate change stands out as one of the most pressing global challenges. As human activities continue to release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the planet’s climate system is undergoing rapid and often detrimental changes.

Here’s a look at a report on ABC 7 about climate change and how Nova Solar can help tackle this issue

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Nova Solar Discovers The Benefits Of RT-REB For Efficient Wire Management

One of the important changes between the 2011 and 2014 NEC for solar systems using microinverters was the addition of permission to use TC-ER tray cable for inverter output circuits under certain circumstances [NEC 2014 690.31(D)].

This transition has raised the question under what, if any, circumstances can TC-ER cable be used for inverter output circuits per the 2017 and 2020 NEC?



To recognize outstanding installers in the EnergySage network, EnergySage has launched an Installer of the Year award program and has selected Nova Solar as Virginia's Installer of the Year!  

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