Case Study #2

Solar Roof Installation

Our team installed this 41-panel, 3-array solar system in Stafford County in June 2020. The system uses triple black 360W panels and microinverters. We designed the system with the panels arranged in both portrait and landscape orientation to best utilize the roof space available. The homeowner is projected to save around $73,000 dollars over the life of the system. Numbers are based on a 10-year loan at 2.99%.

Location: Stafford, Virginia

Type: Roof

Size: 14.76kW

Solar Offset: 80%

Products used:

REC 360AA Alpha Black

Enphase Microinverters

Turnaround time from contract sign date to system powered on: 11.5 Weeks

Days taken to Install: 1

Gross Cost of System: $49,096.21

Value of Federal Tax Credit: $12,765

Net Cost of System: $36,331.20

30-Year Utility Price: $109,425

30-Year Solar Price: $36,331.20

Savings Amount: $73,093.80

Savings %: 49%

Return on Investment: 14.6%

Breakeven (Years): 14.6

Solar Roof Installation

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